Stetson Hatteras Cord Hat

$169.00 AUD
By Stetson


The baseball visor of this classic eight-part hat, which is blocked on wooden molds, is attached to the crown with three locking points and features a rigid PET insert for use in all weather. This timelessly modern cap shape was developed in Germany and guarantees excellent wearing comfort at all times thanks to special craftsmanship that eliminates pressure on the forehead.

Elastane adds an elastic quality to the cotton, for comfort in wearing. These corduroy textiles, made in France, are initially shaped into traditional headwear before being dyed in the desired design following finishing – this method, known as “garment dye,” results in fashion items with special visual effects.

Material Composition 1: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

Material Composition 2: 100% Cotton

Country of origin Material: France