In 2004, Bellwood joined SEA Srl in Carpi, an Italian district renowned for artisan knitwear. This strengthened Bellwood's position, elevated its quality, and inspired innovative, recognizable ready-to-wear collections.

Balancing innovation, tradition, and fashion, Bellwood appeals to modern consumers, evoking art and culture through refined lines and creative concepts. Using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, each garment offers exceptional style, all made in Italy.

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In 2004 the bellwood brand became part of the SEA Srl company, located in Carpi in the well-known Italian district of excellence in the production of artisan knitwear for men and women, thus strengthening its positioning, further raising its quality level and designing ready-to-wear fashion collections increasingly innovative and recognizable wear.

With its perfect balance between innovation, artisan tradition and fashion, bellwood speaks to an evolved and contemporary consumer, evoking paths of art and culture thanks to its sophisticated lines and highly creative concepts.

From the selection of high quality raw materials, to the manufacturing with cutting-edge techniques, each of our garments is designed to offer you an experience and a contemporary style of excellence, rigorously made in Italy.