g1920 Subway-2 Slim Fit Chino

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By Gardeur
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Can you feel luxury? You most certainly can! Brilliant colours and a silky, soft touch are the characteristic properties of this luxurious satin fabric. Woven in Italy this material merges excel- lent wear properties with sustainability. The use of Lyocell saves resources while affording a cool touch and outstanding breathability. The so- called fibrous structure of the fibres also makes for excellent moisture management. Lyocell fibres are made of wood and biodegradable. They are manufactured exclusively using wood types (a mixture of European beech and spruce as well as eucalyptus) from FSC and PEFC-certified forestry. The ecological processes deployed for a circular economy make it possible to recover more than 99% of the solvents used and minimise water consumption. This is technical innovation enhanced by sartorial craftsmanship and balanced washes.

- Slim fit - Low rise - Slim shaped thigh - Straight slim leg

- 58% Cotton, 39% Lyocell, 3% Elastane